Mayor and City Council

Councilmember Vacancy - Interested Persons Must Reside Within Ward 4

Any eligible person interested in the position should submit application materials including a letter of interest and resume, which at a minimum will include:

  • personal information (name, mailing address, phone, e-mail, and any other contact information);
  • reason(s) for applying and goals while in office;
  • qualifications;
  • work and professional experience; and
  • education

All letters of interest and resumes must be submitted by June 21, 2024, to John Nissel at  For more information about this opportunity, please contact Mr. Nissel at 304 724-3244.

Mayor Ward 1 Council Members Ward 2 Council Members Ward 3 Council Members Ward 4 Council Members
Bob-Trainor-2019-small-e1574713037961 James-Kratovil-June-2019-small-e1574713018443 Hynes-Website-1536x1487 Philabaum-Website-1024x1024 George-2017-pic-2-768x682
Bob Trainor
Elected May 2021 (4 year term)
James Kratovil
Elected May 2023 (4 year term)
Jeff Hynes
Elected May 2021 (4 year term)
Julie Philabaum
Elected May 2021 (4 year term)
Micheal George
Elected May 2023 (4 year term)
  Ricketts-Website-1536x1420 KTester-Photo-2048x1919 PRISCILLA RODD  
  Elizabeth Ricketts
Elected May 2021 (4 year term)
Kevin Tester
Elected May 2023 (4-year term)
Priscilla Rodd
Elected May 2023 (4 year term)