revivegraphic2-01-300x178This Grant will be available soon!
The City of Charles Town Revive! commercial grant program encourages the redevelopment of older commercial
buildings as vibrant commercial spaces. It is inspired by the objectives identified in the Historically Hip Charles Town
2040 Comprehensive Plan which states that “Charles Town will be the heart of the Jefferson County region and will
serve as the center for community and economic development. The Downtown will be a strong center for business and
serve as a regional destination for arts, culture, entertainment, and learning.” The objectives are as follows:

  1. Increase economic vitality through Downtown and neighborhood revitalization.
  2. Promote adaptive reuse of and investment into Downtown properties that strengthens the mix of uses within multistory structures.
  3. Provide attractive storefronts occupied with a variety of appealing retail and service businesses.
  4. Help new and existing Downtown business be successful through increased visitation and technical assistance. These objectives are the foundation to achieve a sustainable, vibrant community. This grant has been created to obtain the goals set forth in the Historically Hip Charles Town 2040 Comprehensive Plan
The Details:This competitive grant program will provide reimbursable grant funds up to $10,000 per building. This grant may be
paired with the Façade improvement Grant or the Sidewalk Improvement Grant.
Partner Community Capital will offer (for a 1-year pilot) up to $1,500 in soft costs, per project up to $15,000 total,
pending approval from Liz Cook. This will include a walkthrough of the property and offer a physical report highlighting
recommendations. This cost of this consultation will be included as part of the applicants 50% matching requirement.
The total reimbursement shall not exceed 50% of the total project costs. Construction may only begin after grant
approval. Project must be completed within 12 months of approval.

To apply, you will first need to reach out to Liz Cook, Downtown Coordinator at or 304-982-2944.

We want to thank Partner Community Capital for being a part of this pilot.
Other GrantsFaçade Improvement Grant
Charles Town’s Façade Improvement Program was designed as an effort to improve and enhance the overall look and experience of downtown Charles Town. The program is intended to assist property owners and/or tenants within the Charles Town Historic Overlay District (HOD) in beautifying and rehabilitating property fronts for the purposes of attracting both customers and prospective business owners and serving as a tool for revitalization of the downtown area.

Façade Improvement Grant
Sidewalk Improvement GrantNeed assistance repairing sidewalks in front of your property?  The City of Charles Town is a pleased to announce the first cycle of funding for the Sidewalk Improvement Program grant.  This is an opportunity for property owners to take part in a 50/50 match up to 5,000.00 for sidewalk repairs.  This is a competitive grant, meaning there could be more applications than funds available. Below is a link to the applications.  If you have any questions, please call the City Planner at 304-725-3251.

Sidewalk Improvement Grant