Annexation Proposal

The City of Charles Town established an Urban Growth Boundary (UGB) in 2003 to identify the logical extent of city growth, development, utility services, and investment in the area around the established city limits. Growth boundaries have been used across America to foster investment in urban cores, avoid scattered and sprawling development in agricultural and green space areas, reduce the cost of inefficient government services, and minimize conflicts between urban and rural areas.

In March 2017, Charles Town’s elected leaders voted unanimously to move forward on an annexation of targeted properties within the Charles Town UGB. Charles Town believes that these UGB annexations will be good for the City of Charles Town, good for Jefferson County, positive for the property owners and users who are annexed, and beneficial for the entire community. These annexations will allow Charles Town to manage growth in a smart and sustainable way, provide efficient government services, and stabilize city revenues. These annexations will enable Charles Town to provide beneficial municipal services to annexed property owners – who are essentially in the Charles Town community and already enjoy many of the city’s services. Altogether, these UGB annexations will enable Charles Town to pursue a vision for sustainable, high-quality growth, robust economic development, and initiatives to promote higher quality of life for all the current, and future, residents and businesses of Charles Town.

The following links provide additional detail about the city’s annexation proposal.

Charles Town’s “New Horizon” Annexations Documents

Notice of Future MeetingFor all property owners who live or own property in the area proposed for annexation, the City of Charles Town will send a letter notifying you of the date, time and location of the public hearing to discuss the proposal as soon as a pending court case on the matter is resolved.